separ chemie flocculants waste water treatment sludge

wastewater treatment – separ chemie

Wastewater treatment – SEPAR CHEMIE

The use of polymer flocculants represents the state of the art in municipal as well as industrial wastewater plants and in biological or chemical wastewater treatment. Principles of chemical watewater treatment. Chemicals such as splitters, coagulants and adsorbents are often used in wastewater treatment. In the first step, micro flocks are

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polymer flocculants – separ chemie

Polymer flocculants – SEPAR CHEMIE

Polymer flocculants or flocculation aids are organic macromolecules, which can be used for solid-liquid separations. Application areas of polymer flocculants. Polymer flocculants are used in municipal, as well as in industrial, waste water and sludge treatment. In addition there are numerous application possibilities in the • Paper industry

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sludge dewatering – separ chemie

Sludge dewatering – SEPAR CHEMIE

Products Processes Wastewater treatment Emulsion breaking Sludge dewatering Solid-liquid separation Heavy metal precipitation Oil sludge dewatering COD reduction AOX – treatment Soil washing Wash water treatment Decolourization Processing of recovered paper Trash catching Defoaming Retention Sedimentation acceleration

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oil sludge dewatering – separ chemie

Oil sludge dewatering – SEPAR CHEMIE

Oil sludge accumulates everywhere, where oils, fats and water mix with soil. This contaminated sludge is hazardous waste and has to be disposed of separately at high costs. SEPAR CHEMIE offers polymer flocculants and adsorbents for the separation of water from oil and contaminants.

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separ chemie – wastewater chemicals and wastewater treatment

SEPAR CHEMIE – Wastewater chemicals and wastewater treatment

Degradable defoamer Find out about our readily bio-degradable defoamer POLY SEPAR DEFO 95. New brochure for the sand-, gravel-, building industries! Please find out about our special chemicals for these branches. Our new brochure is here! In our latest brochure we introduce our concept for environmentally-compatible water treatment. Pease find out about our

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wash water treatment – separ chemie

Wash water treatment – SEPAR CHEMIE

SEPAR CHEMIE has developed a range of products capable of effective treatment of such wash water emulsions. Effective wash water treatment. First, in a single treatment step, the water to be treated is demulsified by the addition of a suitable POLY SEPAR® type.

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