protective system products of rubber additives news

protective system products of rubber additives - news

Protective System Products Of Rubber Additives - News

Protective System Products Of Rubber Additives Feb 17, 2020 Rubber or rubber products are affected by various external factors during processing, storage and use, and will gradually lose their original excellent performance, and eventually lose their use value.

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virtual campus rubber additives


This is because rubber is soft and not very durable until vulcanization. By selecting the type of rubber, the crosslinking chemicals and additives required for the desired technical properties of the end product, high-performance products such as tires, hoses, gaskets, profiles and other rubber products are created.

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rubber additives - struktol

Rubber Additives - Struktol

STRUKSILON 72. Release agent for rubber and plastics. Silicone oil emulsion 35 %. Polymer viscosity of 500 Pa*s in emulsion. Slip additive. Release agent for awide range of applications. Care products for various applications. Excellent gloss.

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antimicrobial rubber - industrial rubber products - likon

Antimicrobial rubber - Industrial rubber products - LIKON

It prohibits bacteriological and microbial growth on equipment and materials. In food and beverage handling and processing equipment, packaging, medical devices, and drug-production systems, products used in wet or damp environments the use of our bacteriostatic, rubber adds extra safety to the processing.

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news | rubber news

News | Rubber News

Continental integrates printed electronics into rubber. Continental A.G. has advanced printed electronics on plastic and rubber materials at its new center for functional printing technologies in Freiburg. News 22 hours ago.

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a-weekly-look-at-new-products-innovations | rubber news

A-weekly-look-at-new-products-innovations | Rubber News

Editor's Note: Each week, Rubber & Plastics News will take a look at some of the rubber industry's new products and innovations on Does your company have a new product or innovation? To be considered for inclusion in this recurring feature, email [email protected]

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