pdf huntsman extends footwear range with plasticizer-free soft tpu

tpu elastomers for molding applications

TPU elastomers for Molding applications

IROGRAN® A 70 E 4675 elastomer is a unique, soft, plasticizer-free, polyester TPU for injection molding applications. Easily processed, and with an exceptionally short cycle time, IROGRAN® A 70 E 4675 TPU is used extensively across a wide range of industries including the production of specialized automotive, sports and consumer goods.

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thermoplastic polyurethanes (tpu) - huntsman advanced

Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU) - Huntsman Advanced

IROGRAN® product range highlights IROGRAN® A 70 E 4675 – Exceptional performance in overmolding applications IROGRAN® A 70 E 4675 is a soft, plasticizer-free, polyester TPU for injection molding applications.

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avalon® 60 ae-esd


AVALON® 60 AE-ESD is a polyester based Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) for casting round table applications and part of the AVALON Soft Range. Key features are plasticizer-free, phthalate-free, ESD modified, abrasion resistance and excellent multilayer bonding.

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samsonite selects huntsman’s irogran® tpu range to produce

Samsonite Selects Huntsman’s IROGRAN® TPU Range to Produce

Following recommendations by IMCD, one of Huntsman’s key distribution partners, Samsonite decided to run trials with a plasticizer-free IROGRAN® TPU that forms excellent bonds to other materials. The IROGRAN® TPU in question offered all the processing properties Samsonite required, including high shear rate resistance in the tool during

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polyurethanes :: huntsman corporation (hun)

Polyurethanes :: Huntsman Corporation (HUN)

Huntsman Polyurethanes is a global leader in MDI-based polyurethanes, serving over 3,000 customers in more than 90 countries. We have world-scale production facilities in the US, the Netherlands and China, and a global network of more than 30 downstream formulation facilities which are located close to our customers, providing highly differentiated, tailored solutions.

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ep2649896a2 - soles for sports shoes - google patents

EP2649896A2 - Soles for sports shoes - Google Patents

The first surface region (211,311,411,511) comprises expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). The second surface region (212,312,412,512) is free from expanded TPU. Soles for sports shoes

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de102012206094b4 - soles for sports footwear, shoes and

DE102012206094B4 - Soles for sports footwear, shoes and

expanded tpu tpu expanded Prior art date 2012-04-13 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed.) Active Application number DE102012206094.4A Other languages German (de) Other versions DE102012206094A1

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smartlite pf 1560 tpu

smartLite PF 1560 TPU

range • 100 % recyclable • Plasticizer-free [email protected] * Based on TPU with a hardness equal to or greater than 87 Shore A measured

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stretching the possibilities

Stretching the possibilities

TMA low melt range Huntsman °C 120 125 73 145 142 71 95 90 75 62 TMA high melt range Huntsman °C 145 144 89 160 170 93 124 125 115 80 OTHER FEATURES Excellent multi-layer bonding x x x Transparency x x High crystallinity x Available as food contact grade x Processable by blown-film extrusion x IROGRAN® and IROSTIC® TPUs: Key products for

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1. introduction to polyurethanes

1. Introduction to polyurethanes

Polyurethanes can be manufactured in an extremely wide range of grades, in densities from 6 to 1,220 kg/m3 and polymer stiffness from flexible elastomers to rigid, hard plastics. Although an over simplification, the following chart, Figure 1-1, illustrates the broad range of polyurethanes, with reference to density and stiffness.

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desmopan® | thermoplastic polyurethane by covestro | covestro ag

Desmopan® | Thermoplastic polyurethane by Covestro | Covestro AG

The material is also intrinsically soft, eliminating the need for plasticizers. In addition, our Desmopan® EC range offers exciting new possibilities for increased sustainability. Up to 60 percent of the carbon content* of the Desmopan® EC series is sourced from biomass, depending on product hardness.

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thermoplastic polyurethane (tpu) material: properties

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Material: Properties

Soft Touch/High Comfort of Use for Ergonomic Applications Recent developments have made it possible to produce plasticizer-free TPU in the hardness range of 55 to 80 Shore A. These solutions offer a high quality surface finish, excellent adhesion to engineering plastics such as ABS and Nylon, as well as unequalled scratch and abrasion resistance.

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tpus: new material options for high performance footwear

TPUs: new material options for high performance footwear

Soft TPUs Prior to the advent of this program, the softest TPU commercially available for footwear applications had a durometer hardness of approximately 70A. At this hardness, a sole produced with a TPU is too hard and stiff for most applications. resulting in low comfort and decreasing slip resistance.

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polyurethanes and sustainability - polyurethanes

Polyurethanes and sustainability - Polyurethanes

The annual environmental burden could be reduced by approximately 150.000 metric tons simply by replacing conventional solvents with new developed products and techniques for solvent- and plasticizer-free textile coatings and adhesive raw materials. 150.000 metric tons- That is more than 1% of Sweden’s annual CO2 emission.

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(pdf) the research and development of thermoplastic

(PDF) The Research and Development of Thermoplastic

In this article, the types, market overview, industrialization progress, and the latest research and development directions of chemically synthesized and blended thermoplastic elastomers were reviewed. Several new types of thermoplastic elas-tomers

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elastollan® (tpu) - the thermoplastic polyurethane of basf

Elastollan® (TPU) - the thermoplastic polyurethane of BASF

Elastollan® (TPU) can be extruded into hoses, cable sheating, belts, films and profiles, and can also be processed using blow molding and injection molding technologies. Therefore, Elastollan® - aromatic or aliphatic, very soft or glass fiber-reinforced, flame retardant or highly transparent- is suitable for demanding applications in virtually all sectors of industry.

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irogran® for plastic materials supplied by huntsman

IROGRAN® for Plastic Materials Supplied by Huntsman

IROGRAN® A 60 E 4612 N by Huntsman TPU is a phthalate-free, polyester-based thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) grade. Exhibits demolding, improved cycle time, high dimensional stability, wear- and

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estane® tpu - lubrizol

ESTANE® TPU - Lubrizol

The ESTANE TPU portfolio bridges the gap between flexible rubber and rigid plastics. Estane is a highly versatile, thermoplastic elastomers that can be utilized in film and sheet, extrusion, blow molding, injection molding, over molding, calendaring and solution coating processes.

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Huntsman PU will also show Vitrox, an isocyanate resin system with a flexible, adjustable open time that provides “unprecedented” levels of control over the reaction profile of PU. Huntsman claims the resin can extend the pot life of PU-based composites from just a few minutes to several hours.

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polyurethanes: bio-based materials  - plastics technology

Polyurethanes: Bio-Based Materials - Plastics Technology

These plasticizer-free “TPU-U” materials are produced by replacing butanediol with a special diamine. Dynamic mechanical analysis shows that the urea hard blocks created with this diamine give rise to greater phase separation from the soft block than do the urethane hard blocks in conventional TPUs of similar hardness.

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huntsman introduces iroprint 3d printing materials for fdm

Huntsman Introduces IROPRINT 3D Printing Materials for FDM

DED and Large-Format Additive Manufacturing Markets: 2021-2030. June 28, 2021 . Report # SMP-AM-DED2021-0621

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polyurethane types, synthesis and applications – a review

Polyurethane types, synthesis and applications – a review

A PU plasticizer was prepared from palm olein and castor oil for packaging applications. 271 This PU plasticizing resin showed high flexibility with good mechanical and freeze resistivity. On the other hand, PU packaging foams (PPFs) offer a wide range of packaging options, which should help to overcome most onsite packaging challenges.

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(pdf) modern plastics handbook charles a. harper, 2000,new

(PDF) Modern Plastics handbook Charles A. Harper, 2000,new

Download Free PDF. Download Free PDF. Modern Plastics handbook Charles A. Harper, 2000,new york, McGraw hill education. 996 Pages.

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