check active packaging has antioxidant properties in food

active antioxidant additives in sustainable food packaging

Active Antioxidant Additives in Sustainable Food Packaging

Food packaging materials made of plastic play a crucial role in preventing food from being contaminated, thus partially reducing food waste and spoilage. Toward a sustainable future, active food packaging emerges to be an innovative strategy, which has been demonstrated for its potential in the protection and extension of food shelf life.

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active antioxidant packaging films: development and effect on

Active antioxidant packaging films: Development and effect on

1. Introduction. Active packages with antioxidant properties have received special attention, since they are one of the most promising alternatives to traditional packaging, in which antioxidants are incorporated into or coated onto food packaging materials to reduce oxidation of the food, which is one of the main causes of food spoilage.

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essential oils as additives in active food packaging

Essential oils as additives in active food packaging

Active packaging (AP) provides the opportunity for interaction between the external environment and food, resulting in extended shelf-life of food. Chemoactive packaging has an impact on the chemical composition of the food product.

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active packaging applications for food - yildirim - 2018

Active Packaging Applications for Food - Yildirim - 2018

Active antioxidant food packaging films produced by incorporating 4.6% of the natural flavonoid quercetin into EVOH matrix showed enhanced lipid oxidative stability, as demonstrated by a lower peroxide index (12 meq/kg compared with 27 meq/kg) and a reduction in TBARS values by 25% during storage time (López-de-Dicastillo and others 2012b).

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reducing oxidation of foods through antioxidant active

Reducing Oxidation of Foods Through Antioxidant Active

Cheng Li, Xiao‐Lin Qiu, Li‐Xin Lu, Ya‐Li Tang, Qing Long, Jin‐Gui Dang, Preparation of low‐density polyethylene film with quercetin and α‐tocopherol loaded with mesoporous silica for synergetic‐release antioxidant active packaging, Journal of Food Process Engineering, 10.1111/jfpe.13088, 42, 5, (2019).

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migration analysis, antioxidant, and mechanical

Migration analysis, antioxidant, and mechanical

Migration analysis, antioxidant, and mechanical characterization of polypropylene-based active food packaging films loaded with BHA, BHT, and TBHQ Seyedeh Homa Fasihnia , Department of Food Science, College of Agriculture, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, 5166616471 I.R. Iran

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nanocomposites for food packaging applications: an overview

Nanocomposites for Food Packaging Applications: An Overview

There has been an increasing interest in nanocomposites for food packaging applications, with a five-fold rise in the number of published articles during the period 2010-2019. The barrier, mechanical, and thermal properties of the polymers can be significantly improved by incorporating low concentrations of nanofillers.

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