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live gourmet’s living upland cress  - scs global services

Live Gourmet’s Living Upland Cress - SCS Global Services

Bags of Living Upland Cress and Living Watercress will now feature the Antioxidant Superfood certification label from SCS Global Services (SCS), a third-party certifier of food quality and safety. “There are a lot of food products in the marketplace that claim to be rich in antioxidants but very few have any data to back it up.

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antioxidant peer-reviewed research | scs global services

Antioxidant Peer-Reviewed Research | SCS Global Services

The following peer-reviewed research studies examine the health benefits attributable to consumption of antioxidants. These studies were beneficial resources in the development of the SCS Antioxidant Superfood Certification Program, including the determination of a daily intake targets for essential antioxidants.

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scs debuts antioxidant superfoods certification | new hope

SCS debuts antioxidant superfoods certification | New Hope

A leader in third-party food safety, auditing, testing and certification services for three decades, SCS will introduce producers, food manufacturers, retailers, the press, and other interested parties to the Certified Antioxidant Superfoods Program, a step-by-step certification and labeling process that will allow fresh food producers and

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certified green products guide | scs global services

Certified Green Products Guide | SCS Global Services

SCS Global Services Headquarters 2000 Powell Street, Suite 600, Emeryville, CA 94608 US +1.510.452.8000 main | +1.510.452.8001 fax [email protected]

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scs global services - choose from 100+ programs to meet your

SCS Global Services - Choose from 100+ Programs to Meet Your

SCS Global Services is an international leader in third-party certification, validation, and verification for environmental, sustainability, and food safety and quality performance claims. Choose from 100+ Programs to Meet Your Sustainability Goals | SCS Global Services

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hollandia cress products certified antioxidant-rich | news

Hollandia Cress Products Certified Antioxidant-Rich | News

Hollandia Produce's Live Gourmet Living Upland Cress and Grower Pete's Organic Living Watercress were certified antioxidant-rich superfoods by SCS Global Services.Testing found high quantities of lutein, an antioxidant that inhibits cancer-causing free radical compounds.

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